Omega 3 to reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnancy

Omega 3 fatty acids are known for their beneficial effects on the development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus, but also provide advantages for the mother. Several studies suggest that the consumption of omega 3 helps reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnancy. Preeclampsia is one of the most serious pregnancy complications, which affects 15 percent of pregnant women.

The best posts about children's health of 2014

We finish with our review of the best posts of 2014 in Babies and more, and with the Christmas holidays around the corner, and we bring you those articles that have interested you most, the most commented, the most controversial ... Today is the turn of a topic that worries many parents, the best posts about children's health.

Before and after having children ... with a lot of humor

Life changes with relatives of children. This is so and as much as they tell us, we are not aware until the family grows. We are likely to miss some things and discover a new world that we barely suspected. But what things change with the arrival of the children? These illustrations show us "before and after" with a lot of humor and sure that we are identified in more than one situation ... The French children's fashion store La P'tite Bete has given color to that life before having children ( It seems like it was a thousand years ago!

PlayStation First seeks new talent in Spain

Sony Computer Entertainment Spain has presented the PlayStation First program, an academic association program for the development of videogames that encourages university education through official development tools for PlayStation gaming platforms. To explain the Luke Savage agreement (in the image below), Head of Academic Development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe presented the details of this great initiative during the 2014 InnGame Meeting for Young People and Professionals of Video Games and Interactive Products that has been organized by the Youth Institute (Injuve) in collaboration with the U-Tad University (University Center for Technology and Digital Art).

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Different types of mother at the pediatrician's office

For a while now I have been following the adventures of Dr. Amalia Arce, a pediatrician by profession and my mother, who, as mentioned in her blog, “obtained almost at the same time the title of pediatrician and mother's card”. A few days ago he left us a nice classification of the different types of mother who come to the pediatrician's office, which made me especially funny when associating some moms who come to see me at the nursing office with their description of them.

How much is the baby stressed at the time of birth?

We know that the stress, fear or anxiety of the mother affects the development and birth of a baby, and much progress has been made to reduce and control those feelings, especially at the time of delivery. But as for the feelings of the baby at birth, little is known. The most stressful event in the life of the fetus is birth.

The money we spend on the baby

According to the Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community, Spanish families spend € 7,620.5 on average to be able to meet the needs of the baby during the first year of life. To this expense, it should be added if there was, the payment of a babysitter since it is not contemplated in these statistics.

Mother's Day: last minute gifts that kids can make for mom

Mother's Day is approaching and you may not have something ready to entertain Mom in her day. For us there is nothing more beautiful than a little detail made by our kids, so take note of these last minute gifts that kids can make for mom. Painted pots A very simple idea that I have seen in The Celebration shoppe is to buy a clay pot and paint the initial of the mother's name, or have each child paint a pot with the initial of their own name.

'Mommy Makeover', plastic surgery to be "great" after delivery

In the United States the 'Mommy Makeover' is already habitual and in Spain it begins to take force after Shakira's birth, about which there has been talk of the presence of a plastic surgeon in the operating room. It is an aesthetic trend that encompasses different techniques of plastic surgery after becoming a mother, such as breast augmentation or reduction, abdominal surgery to reduce excess skin and fat, and body surgery, mainly liposuction.

Models to make mosaics with starch pieces from PlayMais

A year ago I told you how fun it is to build with starch pieces, although it was not easy to find certain brands. Today, more models of these pieces are marketed in Spain, and we even have the opportunity to find tiles to make mosaics with starch pieces on the Internet. This is the PlayMais brand (I have seen them in Babiboom) that has many construction sets of this type, and on its website they offer us these files in pdf.

19 months and climbs a climbing wall ... no protection!

Seeing the images does not seem to be a great danger, but you can judge for yourself. The girl is an expert climbing and surely I would need more protection than her to get up that small wall. This is a small 19-month-old whose climbing feat has been shared by millions of people on Facebook.

Veal booklets stuffed with vegetables. Recipe for the whole family

Based on the idea of ​​the classic San Jacobs of pork tenderloin with ham and cheese, I started doing experiments that sought to help my family eat more vegetables. One of the ones that worked best was that of veal booklets stuffed with vegetables that proved a success. When using veal fillets from the lid part, which are very tender and good for breading, I did not need to make booklets since I could make the packages of stuffed meat by simply folding each fillet in half covering the filling.

What is inverted heart syndrome or dextrocardia?

Congenital heart disease is the birth defect with the highest incidence in Spain, which affects an average of eight out of every thousand babies born. There are more than 50 different types of malformations of the heart, sometimes the same patient can combine more than one. One of them is the inverted heart syndrome or dextrocardia, in which the heart is pointing to the right side of the chest instead of to the left side, as would be normal.

Car seats for safe travel Hunting Bargains

The purchase of the car seat is one of those basic and essential items that we must buy before the baby is born. It is a very thoughtful purchase by parents who analyze functionalities and compare prices in various stores to find the best bargains. Today we do it for you.

When is a good time to ask a woman if she is pregnant?

Two years ago I told you about a phenomenon that makes me especially funny (I find it funny when the woman is really pregnant), which is that moment when the belly grows a little, not enough to confirm pregnancy, but yes enough for people to doubt whether they are pregnant or fat.